Revolutionary CMMS with AI and XR

Full stack CMMS for Facility Management and Asset Maintenance, empowered by Digital Twins, AI & Extended Reality (XR) technology, providing real-time information and work instruction your team need to operation efficiently.

Empresas de todos los tamaños alrededor del mundo confían en nuestra tecnología.

La mejor de su clase

Recognised by the IFMA (International Facility Management Association), the world’s largest and most widely recognised international association in FM, Inspekly’s Augmented Reality Maintenance Management (ARMM) system is the all-in-one solution that gives every maintenance and reliability team the best mobile app and real-time information they need to operate on a daily basis. 

All-in-one solutions

One software that manage your work order, assets inspection, preventive maintenance , safety compliance and analytics reporting.

Flujo de trabajo sin código

Designed for workers of all levels in different regions, Inspekly makes it extremely easy to pickup on a daily basis.

Fácil de implementar

Generate QR asset tags, mark workflows in AR, or no on-site setup at all. Inspekly mobile app has all sort of tools for all level of operation.

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Speeds up employee on-boarding training with AR workflow assistance. Relief trainer resources, get your teams to self-practice standard workflows, and keep track of the process.

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Easy to Assign

Streamline a 1-hour machine preventive maintenance routine in 30 minutes on a mobile device, with step-by-step guidance, multi-language support and automatic data capturing.

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Simple to Manage

Leveraging digital twin and AR technology to enable a hardware-less approach for the best-in-class spatial asset management. Cover all type of facility, skyscraper, factory and retail venue of all scale.

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Evaluate anytime

Keep track of 1000+ assets inspection operation, work logs and staffs performance with real-time information on one platform. Managing 100+ franchises operations from a single point.

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Revolutionary Technology

Inspekly es la única plataforma universal, que le permite visualizar datos en tiempo real en el mundo físico, cambiando la forma en que sus equipos, empleados y dirección se comunican entre sí. Las posibilidades son ilimitadas.

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Remote management of any location

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