Train. Assign. Manage. Evaluate.

Facility Management at the tip of your fingers.  

 Inspekly is the Augmented Reality Maintenance Management (ARMM) system that provides everything you need to record, monitor, and analyze every operation in real-time.

Standardize Workflows

Provide team management solutions using technology through application and mobile devices.

Real-time Work Order

Get real-time cultivation prediction and in-depth analysis based on the actual data of your cultivation progress.

Get Things Done

Set targets based on trusted recommendations. Take the best steps based on the actual conditions in the field.

Best in Class

 Recognized by the IFMA (International Facility Management Association) for its’ state of the art technology 

Winner of the Asia Pacific Best Facility Management Technology Award 

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Keep track of 1000+ assets inspection operation, work logs and staffs performance with real-time information on one platform. Managing 100+ franchises operations from a single point.

Trusted by companies worldwide
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