Optimize Field Operations

Unlock the Power of Augmented Reality in Facility Management through Digital Twins.  —> can have animation of digital twin merging here on right? 

Quickly Set up you Software

Work with our local team or partners in your country to have someone set everything up for you.

1. Get a license

Purchase an Inspekly License that cover your space & floors.

2. Workspace Scanning

Our partners will schedule a visit to conduct a site scanning with you.

3. Deployment

Your Inspekly system is now ready for your team to operate.

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Indoor Positioning & AR navigation

 Inspkely overlaps virtual elements onto physical environments and utilizes AR technology to deliver highly immersive, technologically revolutionary and scalable facility management tools for all types of industry. 

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Evaluate anytime

Keep track of 1000+ assets inspection operation, work logs and staffs performance with real-time information on one platform. Managing 100+ franchises operations from a single point.

Simplifying Preventive Maintenance

Inspekly puts you in control of your operations, helping you achieve more uptime with less stress by systematically manage your maintenance schedule, who’s going to do it, and what they’re going to do. Checklist are digitally synced. Schedule are pushed to worker automatically. All achieved through a power resource management system.

Reporting with AR work order

Compared with traditional digital work orders or paperwork system, with endless list of reports on issues, Inspekly delivers easy-to-spot work order system that allows anyone to see status of reports in the real world. Once you have real visibility into your operations, you can finally fine-tune your schedules, inspections, and tasks to maximize the quality of your service with less unresolved issues piled up.

“Using this was one of the best decisions of using we made when we launching ours podcast. The audio quality is super sharp and the dashboard is so intuitive!”

Alexa Jones

@General Manager

“It is a pure joy to record on of the best FM, because it is wonderfully clear, simple, & the most reliable. It delivers one of the best possible recording quality.”

Robert Fox

@General Manager

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