Our Vision

We want to take Augmented Reality in Facility Management one step further: Inspkely x Headset launch in 20xxx

Empower your frontline with a seamless blend between reality and hands-free workflow guidance.  


Designed for the workforce
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Powered with Inspekly System and AR technology to offer you the most cost-effective, scalable, and intuitive solution in the industry.

Self-guided Training and Operation

Provide indoor navigation and step-by-step AR workflow guidance.

Real Time Information

Access the latest status on work orders, assets. File maintenance reports.

“Using this was one of the best decisions of using we made when we launching ours podcast. The audio quality is super sharp and the dashboard is so intuitive!”

Alexa Jones


“It is a pure joy to record on of the best FM, because it is wonderfully clear, simple, & the most reliable. It delivers one of the best possible recording quality.”

Robert Fox

Founder at Brain.co

The ultimate control room. Wherever you are.

Free your control room with your real time monitoring dashboard live in any of your space. The infinite canvas enable you to see real time work performance, work order status and maintenance schedule with a glance, no matter where you are.

The future of learning

Self-guided training with Spatial Computing to relief the stress in trainer resources.

Intuitive maintenance

The head-mounted computing device enable technicians to operate hands-free.

Visual Inspection

Automatically capture visual and data records to save time in your daily site inspection.