Augmented Reality in Business

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Better ways to work.

Leveraging digital twin, IoT and indoor positioning system, Inspekly brings you operational data and work instruction into the real world, helping you to tackle the skilled-labour challenges through automation,  AR training & workflow optimisation.

Inspekly system automate operational steps in the real-world space, so your employee can get works done quicker by simply following the guided assists.

Compared to using fixed installation of RFID tags, beacons or sensors, Inspekly leverage AR and Spatial Computing technologies, taking a virtual approach to geotag each checkpoints and training steps dynamically.

Inspekly is also the world’s most advanced digital twin platform to bring cloud data into the real world. Because Inspekly is designed from the ground up to enable agile operation, there is no better way to work with AR.

Lowering Labour Cost

When all your procedures are located in the real world through digital twin with step-by-step guidance, work are now much easier to follow and get done quicker. Inspekly replace the needs of having a second staff to teach and monitor.

Overcoming Labour Shortage

Inspekly presents knowledge and experience from retiring seniors into a simple step-by-step AR training experience. Powered with precise positional tracking, learning is now enjoyable that attract the attention of the new generation.

Automation and Optimisation

AR walkthroughs encourage users to spend less time thinking during their work. The live AR platform of inspekly also provide the endless opportunities for manager to optimise their day-to-day work routine instantly.

Works seamlessly across your mobile and MR/XR devices

All your digital twin data, setup and records are tailored to work with all type of AR/VR/MR platform, whenever the Apple AR/VR Headset Operating System (xrOS ) is ready! 

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