Train. Assign. Manage. Evaluate.

Facility Management at the tip of your fingers.

Inspekly is the ultimate Augmented Reality Maintenance Management (ARMM) system that provides everything you need to record, monitor, and analyze every field operation in real-time.

Enhance Efficiency

Digitalization and Centralization of Data Collection, Storage and Retrival. A Control Room for Facility Management in your very pocket.

Real-Time Insights

Asset and Procedure Monitoring is constant, up-to-date, immersive and interactive. Keep track of 1000+ Locations effortlessly - anywhere, anytime.

Reduce On-Boarding Training Time

Inspkely eliminates the need for senior employee mentorship during the onboarding period and ensures perfect task execution.

(notes for above ^create interactive buttons that bring user to respective pages) -> train, assign, deploy, manage page

Best in Class

Recognized by the IFMA (International Facility Management Association) for its’ state of the art technology

Winner of the Asia Pacific Best Facility Management Technology Award 

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