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Transforms business operation, facility management and professional training by placing real-time information in reality persistently.

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All you need in your pocket.

Inspekly puts all the power of preventive maintenance software where techs need it most, right in their back pocket. And because the app lives right on their mobile device, your techs get the job done faster with new features, including bar code scanning, that lets them walk up to any asset and instantly access associated scheduled PMs.

QR & Bar code scanner

Scan all type of QR or Bar code to access information instantly. Complete checklist and file report in a few taps.

Spatial AR

See real-time information in the physical world through your phone camera or head-mounted display

Stay in the loop

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Instant access to scheduled mission

Receive push notification on scheduled and newly assigned work.

Live assets information

See real time status of assets around you through AR camera.

Real-time work orders

View, edit and complete work orders, even if you are working offline.

Simplifying Preventive Maintenance

Inspekly puts you in control of your operations, helping you achieve more uptime with less stress by systematically manage your maintenance schedule, who’s going to do it, and what they’re going to do. Checklist are digitally synced. Schedule are pushed to worker automatically. All achieved through a power resource management system.

Onboarding training with AR Assists

Visualise workflow in the physical world to help new employee learn and work on day one by following the AR step-by-step guidance. The AR system also standardise workflows across multiple locations and franchisees. 

Reporting with AR work order

Compared with traditional digital work orders or paperwork system, with endless list of reports on issues, Inspekly delivers easy-to-spot work order system that allows anyone to see status of reports in the real world. Once you have real visibility into your operations, you can finally fine-tune your schedules, inspections, and tasks to maximize the quality of your service with less unresolved issues piled up.

Award-winning mobile app

“Using this was one of the best decisions of using we made when we launching ours podcast. The audio quality is super sharp and the dashboard is so intuitive!”

Alexa Jones

@General Manager

“It is a pure joy to record on of the best FM, because it is wonderfully clear, simple, & the most reliable. It delivers one of the best possible recording quality.”

Robert Fox

@General Manager

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